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Shandong Haijie New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and trade of high-end brand color-coated steel plates, the production and manufacturing of construction steel products, and the design and manufacturing of prefabricated buildings. The company has built and put into production polyurethane energy-saving panels, cold storage panels, purification panels, profiled steel panels and other production lines using industry-leading equipment, technology and production management. Product series include: metal roofs, metal walls, cold chain enclosures, clean enclosures and steel structure buildings, etc.

Committed to the corporate vision of becoming a comprehensive service provider providing diversified solutions in the global industrial construction field, it has now developed into three internationally advanced production lines for galvanized sheets, galvalume sheets, zinc-aluminum-magnesium sheets, and a high-quality color-coated sheet production line. 3, 1 clean board production line, 1 foamed polyurethane energy-saving board production line.

Polyurethane composite panel production line

The polyurethane energy-saving board uses high-quality color-coated steel plates as the panel, and the core material is made of polyurethane (rock wool, glass wool) raw materials, which are compounded by high-temperature foaming and solidification and double-track control molding. It has excellent thermal insulation performance and ideal bending resistance. , sound insulation, fire resistance, high strength, smooth surface and novel plate shape, which reduces the thickness of the enclosure to a certain extent and increases the net space of the building.


The double-track continuous polyurethane energy-saving board production line mainly includes a hydraulic uncoiler, film cutting device, roll forming machine, fully automatic cotton extension system, preheating device, double-track forming machine, seven-component online foaming equipment, and automatic cutting It consists of a series of functional unit equipment such as machine, finished product cooling system, finished product palletizing and packaging. Each equipment unit is equipped with mechanical and electrical systems, and different functional equipment units are assembled and connected through a process data control system to form a complete set of continuous production lines.

Energy-saving board specifications that can be produced

The production line's production capacity is 3-7 meters/minute.

It is very suitable for large-scale production of polyurethane sandwich panels. It is an ideal choice for building high-standard thermal insulation, fire protection, The first choice for high-quality large buildings such as sound insulation and energy saving.


Energy-saving board specifications that can be produced

The length specifications of the energy-saving panels that can be produced are: 2-23 meters (can be cut at will), width: 500-1130mm, thickness: 35-250mm (corrugated height is not included).

Fully ensuring the stability of product production

The effective length of the molded double crawler track is 36 meters, which prolongs the curing and foaming time to ensure a smoother board surface. The seven-component online foaming is accurately adjustable, fully ensuring the stability of product production.

High production efficiency

The production line has high production efficiency, good synchronization of each unit, high degree of automation, uniform density, and the foam honeycomb structure has excellent physical and mechanical properties.


The company always adheres to the core values of "one heart, one morality, and common development", and provides customers with the highest quality products and professional services in a serious and down-to-earth manner, so that customers can buy with confidence and use with peace of mind.

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