Wood grain Sandwich Panel
Wood grain Sandwich Panel
Wood grain Sandwich Panel
Wood grain Sandwich Panel
Wood grain Sandwich Panel
  • Wood grain Sandwich Panel
  • Wood grain Sandwich Panel
  • Wood grain Sandwich Panel
  • Wood grain Sandwich Panel
  • Wood grain Sandwich Panel

Wood grain Sandwich Panel

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Wood grain Sandwich Panel


Metal Carved Panels

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1. PU sandwich board is also called metal carving board. The external metal plate is galvanized steel plate, and the external coating is Nippon paint. The middle layer is a rigid high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer with flame retardant treatment, and the bottom layer is an aluminum foil fiber cloth protective layer, which plays the role of heat insulation and moisture resistance. It is a new green building material. It is used for covering, decoration and protection of external walls of buildings.

2. PU sandwich panel is a metal wallboard, a new type of building decoration material, with excellent thermal insulation performance. PU foam is the most advanced and environment-friendly thermal insulation material in the world. With the aluminum foil fiber cloth protective layer on the bottom, the best thermal insulation effect is achieved. Compared with the traditional exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration building materials, it has excellent cold resistance and thermal insulation performance. Its unique structure prevents heat loss in winter and reduces sunshine heat in summer.

3. Metal decorative thermal insulation wallboard can be used for internal and external walls, with rich texture and color choices, which can meet different decorative requirements and give cities and buildings a new look. The core material is rigid high-density polyurethane foam insulation layer. After flame retardant treatment, the closed battery rate can reach 99.7%. The wallboard surface has good self-cleaning, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The whole circuit board has the functions of fire prevention, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock resistance, etc.

Product Name  
Composition Face:Al-Zn steel sheet   
Core:Hard polurethane foam   
Back:Aluminium foil fiberglass cloth
AppLication: Temporary building,villa,large public building,prefab house,redecoration of the old building
Function  Insulation,decoration,fire-safe,energy-saving,easy to install etc
 Weight 3.7kgs/m2
 Length 5800mm or as customers requested
width 380mm
Thickness 16mm/20mm/25mm
Function: Decoration, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof, sound insulation, shockproof.
Size: 16/20/25*380*5800mm or customized
Advantages Fireproof,fireresistant,waterproof,thermal insulation,soundproof,earthquake proof,Eco-friendly,flame,retardant,easy installation
Application Hotel,Villa,Apartment,OfficeBuilding,Hospital,School,Mall,External,Internal,Ceiling,Roofing,Prefabricated House,Container House,Module House
Spray paint on the surface High-quality Nippon paint
Metal layer Al-zn alloy coated steel sheet(containing 55%,43% zinc)
Core material High-density Polyurethane foam,42kg/m3
Percentage of close area Closed cell rate
Bottom material Aluminum foil fiberglass fiber
OEM Logo and panel size
Warranty 10years
After-sale Service Online traing,online technical support

Comparison with similar Products

SH  Sidings   Other Sidings
0.25~0.27mm Baseplate thickness 0.15-0.23mm
55-75g Coating <50g
Nippon Paint Paint brand Ordinary  paint
≥20 um Coating thickness 10~20 um
High weather resistance polyester paint Coating type Ordinary polyester paint
40-42kg/m3 Polyurethane density 35kg/m3
Aluminum foil glassfiber cloth composite material Back membrane Aluminum foil
300℃ high temperature baking Manufacturing process Low temperature baking
3.45-3.7kg/m2 Finished product weight 2.3kg/m2

Compared with Traditional Wall Materials

30-year performance comparison SH Siding Ordinary Exterior Wall Tiles Ordinary Paint
Construction speed √√√√√ √√√
Construction cost savings √√√ √√√
Material cost savings √√√ √√√√ √√√√
Maintenance cost savings √√√√√ √√
Service life √√√√√ √√√ √√
Sound insulation coefficient √√√√√
Seismic coefficient √√√√√ √√√√
Aesthetics √√√√√ √√√
Thermal insulation coefficient √√√√√
Waterproof coefficient √√√√√ √√
Environment Protection Index √√√√√ √√√
Shedding risk   √√√√√ √√√√

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