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ZAM steel sheet

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ZAM steel sheet


ZAM steel sheet

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The cladding of the ZAM steel sheet is a compact ternary carbide structure of Zn, Al and Mg generated through continuous high-temperature curing. The cladding of the ZAM steel sheet features high density and effective erosion prevention.

1. Strong anti-corrosion performance: the cladding of ZAM steel sheets contains Al alloy, Mg alloy and Si alloy, which improves the erosion control effect of the cladding. Compared with general galvanized products, the cladding has less adhesion amount, but can realize more excellent corrosion resistance performance. Under the same cladding premises, the anti-corrosion performance of ZAM steel sheet is 5~10 times of that of general hot-dip galvanized steel sheet.

2. Superb self-repair: the ingredients of the cladding around the cut surface of the ZAM steel sheet are mixed continuously to generate a high-density protective film composed of zinc hydroxide, alkali magnesium chloride and aluminum hydroxide. Such protective films have low electric conductivity and can effectively inhibit erosion of the cut surface.

3. Green and environment-friendly performance: the surface of ZAM steel sheet is free from metal ions like trivalent chromium and hexavalent chromium and can meet the provisions of European RoHS. It is a green and environment-friendly product recognized in the world currently.

4. Wear resistance and easy processing: the cladding of ZAM steel sheet is cleaner and more dense. The strength of the cladding surface is more than two times of general hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, so it is not easy to damage during processing. The cladding of ZAM steel sheet also features good tension, stamping, sheet metal bending, electric welding performance as well as extraordinary anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.

Application Fields

solar support, steel silo, road guardrail, automatic farming machinery, steel structure works, anti-seismic supports and hangers, electrical equipment network cabinets, etc.

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