HDP steel plate
  • HDP steel plate

HDP steel plate

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HDP color-coated steel sheet

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HDP color-coated steel sheet, Prepainted steel coil

HDP color-coated sheet made of HDP coating and HMW resin features high durability, a small number of branched polymers, stable bond energy, not easy photolysis, not easy pulverization and high lustrousness. HDP featuring strong weather and corrosion resistance abilities is mainly applied in harsh regions where there is long sunshine duration, high dryness, big diurnal temperature variation and high humidity. It has a wide range of uses. This is a high-grade color-coated coil. The coating is usually composed of 5um epoxy resin primer + 20umHDP polyester finishing coat on the front side and the 5um epoxy resin primer +6um PE resin finishing coat on the back side. 

HDP is synthesized by using the monomers containing a cyclohexane structure to balance the toughness, weather resistance and cost of resin, and by using the polyhydric alcohol and polyatomic acid not containing aromatic series to reduce the absorption of UV rays by resin, so as to improve the weather resistance of the coating. In addition, UV ray absorber and histamine are added in the coating formula to improve the weather resistance of the paint film. The coating widely recognized on domestic and overseas markets is a type of very outstanding coating. 

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