Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel
  • Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

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Polyurethane Sandwich Panel


Rock Wool Sandwich Panel

Polyurethane Sandwich Panel

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Polyurethane composite board uses high-quality color coated steel plate as the panel, and the core material uses polyurethane (rock wool, glass wool) raw material, which is formed by high-temperature foaming and curing, and double-track controlled molding. It has excellent thermal insulation performance and ideal bending resistance. , Sound insulation, fireproof performance, high strength, smooth surface, novel board shape, reduce the thickness of the enclosure to a certain extent, and increase the clear space of the building.

Product Advantage

Heat preservation and energy saving: Polyurethane Cool has excellent heat preservation performance, and the plugging method is well designed to ensure the airtightness and heat preservation effect of the cold storage enclosure system.

Safe and fireproof: The burning process of polyurethane will form a protective layer of coking, and will not melt or drip.

Durable: the closed cell rate of polyurethane foam is more than 90%, and the water absorption rate is less than 3%.

Quick Installation: Prefabricated panels are molded in the factory, and the installation system is designed to be mature, which makes on-site installation easier and quicker.

Green and environmental protection: the anti-bacterial color coated boards used in polyurethane cold storage boards can kill common bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus by adding anti-bacterial ingredients into the topcoat to achieve anti-bacterial purification effect.

Product Parameters

Effective coverage width930~1130mm
Color steel thickness0.4~0.7mm
Conventional colorWhite grey/iron blue grey etc. (other colors are customized)
Recommended CoatingPVDF fluorocarbon coating/SMP silicon modified coating/HDP high weather resistant coating/PE common polycool coating
Core thickness100/120/150/200mm
Fire ratingClass B1 (oxygen index z30)
Water absorption<3%
Thermal conductivity0.018w/m·k~0.024w/m·k
Heat resistance range-185°C~110°C

Material Insulation Comparison

Material NameWeight (kg/m³)Thermal conductivity (w/m·k)Equivalent insulation thickness (mm)
Polyurethane board400.018~0.02435
Rock wool board1200.036~0.04160
Red brick wall16000.81475
Concrete wall23001.281075

Shipping Package

Shipping Package

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