Why bubbles appear when welding stamped boards?


Now some friends find that when using argon arc welding to weld two pieces of stamp plate there will be small bubbles produced, which to a certain extent affects the quality and beauty of the welding. So what is the reason for it, only to find the reason can better solve it. The following will give you an explanation:

1, if the surface of the stamp plate weld is not clean, it will easily lead to the appearance of bubbles. For example, oil, water and other components of a little substance exists. We can use to clean up the surface of the weld to solve this problem.

2, the protective gas is not pure will also lead to a bubble, we can use ninety-nine point nine percent of argon to deal with this problem.

3, if the end of the wire exposed to the air is also the phenomenon of bubbles. So we have to weld the stamp plate, so that the end of the wire has been in the inert gas protection.

If there are still air holes after taking the above measures, you can directly use an angle grinder to grind off the air bubbles on the printing plate. Of course, the fundamental solution is still to operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures.

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