Storage, transportation and loading/unloading of color coated panels


Storage, transportation and loading and unloading are important links that affect the quality of color coated plate. If the operation is not proper, there may be various defects such as scratches, imprints, corrosion and so on in the process of storage and transportation. In order to minimize and avoid the occurrence of various defects, the following briefly introduces some of the operation in the notes, on the storage, transportation and loading and unloading of its body of regulations can refer to the relevant information or to the expert advice.


1. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated indoor environment, avoiding open air storage and storage in places prone to condensation and large temperature differences.

2. The products should be stored in a clean and tidy environment to avoid the erosion of various corrosive media.

3. The ground of the storage site should be flat, free of hard objects and have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

4. Horizontal steel coils should be placed on rubber mats, cushions, brackets and other devices, strap locks should be facing up, not directly on the ground or on the means of transportation.

5. In order to avoid pressure injuries, steel coils are usually not stacked storage. Steel plate stacking storage should be strictly limited to the number of stacking layers, the weight and size of the plate package on the bottom, including metal color coating (silver gray, etc.) of the color plate is generally no more than 2 layers.

6. The mechanical properties of the color coated plate and some coating properties such as pencil hardness, T-bend value, impact function value, etc. may change with the prolongation of the storage time, so it is recommended that users process and use it as soon as possible.

7. The storage site should have enough space for lifting equipment.

8. The storage location of steel plates and coils should be reasonably arranged to facilitate access and minimize unnecessary movement.

Second, transportation and loading and unloading

1. The products should be transported in accordance with the state of the factory, and the original packaging should not be disassembled at will.

2. When loading and unloading, special spreader or soft sling should be used, and steel wire rope should not be used for direct lifting to avoid damaging the steel coil.

3. The carriage of the transportation vehicle should be cleaned up, the car floor should be laid on rubber mats or other protective devices, the carriage around the necessary protective measures should be taken to prevent the packaging indentation or bruising.

4. Vertical packaging of steel coils in the transportation and loading and unloading should also be kept vertical.

5. The products should be fixed firmly to avoid relative movement or rolling during transportation, which may cause product damage or accidents.

6. The steel plate should not be dragged when it is taken out, in order to prevent the burr produced when cutting and cutting off from scratching the steel plate underneath. The steel plate should be gently held and put away without touching other hard objects.

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