The use of color coated aluminum coil environment


Color coated aluminum coil delicate surface, excellent quality has become the user in many areas of the first choice, because of the different uses, in the application of the need for special attention. So, color coated aluminum coil in the application of what precautions?

First, if you want to put into use, to be in the normal temperature, the temperature can not be too hot or too cold, if as a roof, the height shall not be less than 10 degrees.

Secondly, before installing, check in time to ensure that the roofing material has no wear and tear phenomenon, to ensure that it can be used normally, under normal circumstances to ensure that the use of life.

Third, the bolt head of the fixed color coated aluminum coil should be sealed with waterproof strong material to avoid the rain into the rust.

Fourth, color coated aluminum coil processing environment temperature should be above 7 ℃, according to the color coated aluminum coil thickness adjustment processing roller system gap, and remove the roll surface and pallet on the foreign body; at the same time to check the color coated aluminum coil double-sided is not depainting, such as depainting, should be to find out the reason and adopt measures to continue processing.

At present, China's color coated aluminum coil dosage increases year by year, has become a more important part of the aluminum sheet and strip. Color coated aluminum coil has low density, long service life, beautiful and clean appearance characteristics, in the electric power industry, chemical industry with a large amount. In order to use color coated aluminum coil very well, to extend the service life of color coated aluminum coil, color coated aluminum coil storage environment has certain needs. Let's learn about the storage environment of color coated aluminum coil together.

First of all, make sure that the storage environment must be ventilated and dry. Aluminum coil belongs to non-ferrous metal alloy, if contact with water will have an oxidation reaction, which will damage the protective film on the exterior of the aluminum skin, resulting in the quality of the exterior of the aluminum skin is affected, so a dry environment is the basic conditions for storage of aluminum skin.

Second, the sealing of the packaging, general aluminum coil in the factory will take waterproof packaging, moisture-proof agent, so users do not damage the packaging method, the packaging is suitable for long time storage use. If there are certain conditions, you can also be used after the aluminum skin is also so packaged.

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