What are the advantages of polyurethane composites


Polyurethane composite material has excellent thermal insulation performance and convenient molding, in the thermal insulation and refrigeration has an extremely wide range of applications; for not easy to use molds, such as large spherical storage tanks, large diameter shaped pipe fittings, cold storage walls and other thermal insulation materials of the package, the best way is the site spray foam: the method is the polyurethane foam material directly sprayed on the surface of the object, the material quickly foamed and gel, forming a layer of thermal insulation with the base of the same shape. This method is to spray the polyurethane foam material directly on the surface of the object, the material quickly foams and gels, forming an adiabatic insulation layer consistent with the shape of the base.

Rigid foam is a set of waterproof and thermal insulation in one of the new polymer materials, through the field spray construction, rapid foaming molding, the formation of a continuous dense, no seams of the foam body, in the excellent thermal insulation and heat preservation performance at the same time has a good waterproof performance, waterproof thermal insulation to achieve the integration of waterproof. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of polyurethane spray foam technology and the rapid development of China's construction market, polyurethane spray foam has also begun to be widely used in China's construction field.

The main advantages of the spraying construction process include the following:

(1) For various shapes of substrates, whether plane, elevation or top surface, whether round, spherical or other irregular shapes of complex objects, can be directly implemented spray foam processing, without the need for expensive mold manufacturing costs;;.

(2) spray foam molding foam insulation layer shape and the shape of the substrate objects consistent; no seams, good insulation effect; foam layer outside a layer of dense protective skin layer, can better protect the internal core material, but also easy to paint the outer surface of the coating and further repair;

(3) High production efficiency, especially suitable for large-area, shaped object insulation treatment, fast molding speed, high production efficiency. The fire hazard of rigid polyurethane applied in construction has long attracted attention at home and abroad, and its flame retardant technology has been rapidly developed.

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