Clean plate: medical clean plate construction requirements


As we all know, medical clean plate project operating room from the beginning of the design to the formal construction of the entire process, each detail has a more stringent and high level of requirements. Mainly because it is in the process of operation, every tiny detail may be related to the health and safety of all medical personnel and patients. Of course, even the medical clean engineering company clean operating room in the wall and floor does not exist any exception.

So, medical clean plate engineering operating room walls and floor, its design and construction in the process of building, there are those detailed requirements? Below to take a look at the operating room clean plate how to construct it:

First, clean plate wall leveling

According to the wall reference point for plaster leveling, leveling, and ordinary grass-roots plastering compared to reduce the watering wet wall process, mortar mixed with a certain proportion of the binder, as long as the wall dust and debris can be cleaned up on the construction.

Second,Wall latticework

According to the drawing of the lining board compartmentalization, the compartmentalization line will be popped out, and the horizontal and vertical gaps between the clean board and the board will be left, so that the wall surface of the substrate can be clearly, horizontally and vertically lined.

Third, clean board cutting clean board

According to the actual size of the field compartmentalization, provide the specific cutting size of the clean board. The cutting of clean board can be completed by professional staff in the factory or on site.

Fourth, the board surface coating glue (adhesive tape)

1、Clean up the stains and dust on the adhesive surface of the clean board to ensure that there is no oil, water and dust.

2, with a brush in the cross-section of the decorative board painted at least two times silicone waterproofing agent.

3, to be silicone waterproof agent table dry, in the back of the clean board around the PE double-sided tape, and in the short side by the center of the part of the increase of two PE double-sided tape, in order to ensure that the bonding of the firmness.

4、After pasting the double-sided tape, the middle part of the back of the clean board is evenly coated with construction adhesive according to the point adhesive method. The thickness of construction adhesive should be more than the thickness of PE double-sided tape, generally not less than 6mm.

Fifth, Paste clean board

1, the installation of clean boards from bottom to top, first after the order of the corner of the yin corner after the order of the paste.

2, remove the double-sided tape on the other side of the film, in accordance with the location of the grid line will be clean board pasted on the wall, the general use of pressure line construction, flatness control within 2mm (check with a 2m ruler).

3, between the two clean plate temporary use of wood keel (nine percent board small pieces or slats) will be fixed to the two boards, so that the board is fully pasted together with the wall, to be removed after the curing of the building structural adhesive.

Sixth, clean board comprehensive inspection

Each completed section of the installation should check the overall flatness of the clean board surface, verticality, board seam size and uniformity, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments to achieve satisfactory results, and then proceed to the next step in the installation.

Seventh, the board seam processing

1、Clean board all pasting is completed, should again check the overall quality and effect of construction, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments to achieve satisfactory results, remove the temporary fixed wooden keel (nine percent board).

2、According to the size of the board joints, select the appropriate embedded strip, fill the board joints.

3, according to the requirements of the compartmentalized width along the board seam line affixed with patterned paper (paper tape), to prevent contamination of the board surface, and then use a brush in the cross-section of the decorative panels painted at least two times silicone waterproofing agent.

4, to be silicone waterproofing agent table dry, with sealant gun in the board seam uniformly appropriate amount of sealant, and then use a flat spatula to scrape the sealant, sealant requirements in the thickness of the board for 0.5 ~ 1mm. sizing is complete, the paper tape can be pulled off.

Eight, board surface cleaning

First clean the edge of the clean board on the coating of gray, dirt, and then tear off the protective film. Clean board surface dirt cleanup should be especially careful, not vigorously scrubbing or scraping with a razor blade and other sharp objects, only available solvents, water and other cleaning.

After the construction of the clean board is completed, the construction site should be cleaned up after the caulking sealant has cured. Recycle all remaining materials and categorize them for storage.

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