What are the characteristics of polyurethane panels


Polyurethane products are more, especially made of polyurethane products can also be widely used, polyurethane board is such a product, mainly used in industrial, as well as civil construction of the exterior wall insulation system, to become the most widely used products. And this product will also have certain characteristics, so it will become a common product in the major industries.

1, hardness range is relatively wide

Now in the use of polyurethane board, many companies are still worried about its hardness. The current range of hardness of this product is still relatively wide, especially in the high hardness conditions, or can maintain the elongation of the rubber itself and the resilience, which is in line with the hardness range of the relevant standards. Plus the strength of the higher, so in the rubber hardness, bearing capacity and rubber comparison is also much higher.

2, performance is very outstanding

Polyurethane board can attract the attention of many enterprises, there is another reason, that is, in terms of performance is also quite good. The wear resistance of the current product is very superior, five times that of rubber. In addition, because it is a polymer compound, so in the oil resistance is also very good, even in the fuel oil and mechanical oil, will not be subject to any erosion, so that enterprises do not need to worry about this when using.

3, vibration absorption performance is more excellent

The reason why polyurethane panels will have a good application, there is another point, that is, in the vibration-absorbing properties are also very good, can be used for vibration damping, buffering, etc., in the mold industry, it is instead of the traditional rubber or spring, can have good processing performance, can adapt to different supply needs, to get a better application.

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