Application of polyurethane insulation boards in the construction industry


Polyurethane insulation board used in the outer layer of the building, has a very good thermal insulation performance and thermal insulation properties and sound insulation effect, and insulation does not help combustion, more in line with the fire safety, its upper and lower classes of polyurethane has a common role, its strength and stiffness is relatively strong, the lower layer is relatively smooth and flat, the lines are also very clear, in the indoor use is to enhance the indoor aesthetics and smoothness in the installation of the time is also more Convenient, the work period is also relatively simple, beautiful, polyurethane insulation board belongs to a relatively new type of building materials.

Polyurethane insulation board due to the special characteristics of its material, in addition to widely used in the above construction areas, people also give full play to its characteristics, it will be applied to a wider range of areas. With the continuous progress of science and technology and people's working and living needs of the new generation, so as to better meet people's needs, in the endless stream of new products in the building materials industry to create a broader space.

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