The color steel plate installation and use of precautions


Color steel plate is a kind of steel plate with organic coating, with good corrosion resistance, bright colors, beautiful appearance, easy processing and molding and has the advantages of the original strength of the steel plate and lower cost and so on. Color coated steel offer, as a new type of building materials, the competitiveness of the market is constantly increasing. Especially the sandwich color steel plate is a new type of building materials which is widely popular at present, and it is widely used in various industries and fields. For the color steel plate installation and use there are many precautions need to pay attention to, specific with the editor to see it.

1, color steel plate into the field, should be away from fire. When stored in the open air, non-combustible materials should be used to completely cover the color steel plate.

2, need to take fireproof construction measures of sandwich color steel plate, its fireproof isolation belt construction should be synchronized with the construction of heat preservation color steel plate.

3、The construction of combustible and incombustible core color steel plate shall be carried out in sections.

4, curtain wall support member and air-conditioning machine and other facilities support member, its welding and other processes should be in color steel plate laying before. Indeed need to be in color steel plate laying after, should be in welding parts of the surrounding and the bottom of the laying of fire blankets and other fire protection measures.

5, shall not directly in the color steel plate waterproof material hot melt, hot bonding method construction.

6, construction lighting and other high temperature equipment close to combustible sandwich color steel plate, should take reliable fire protection measures.

7, polyurethane and other sandwich color steel plate for on-site foaming operation, should avoid high temperature environment. Construction process, tools and clothing should take anti-static measures.

8, the construction site should be set up indoor and outdoor temporary fire hydrant system, and to meet the construction site fire fighting fire water supply requirements.

9, exterior insulation project construction work station should be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment. To ensure the overall is construction safety.

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